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Which life is best?
The Life of a Pirate
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The Life of a Marine
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 11% [ 2 ]
The Life of a Bounty Hunter
Kagura Tokiski (wip) Vote_lcap6%Kagura Tokiski (wip) Vote_rcap
 6% [ 1 ]
The Life of a Revolutionary
Kagura Tokiski (wip) Vote_lcap17%Kagura Tokiski (wip) Vote_rcap
 17% [ 3 ]
Other (Tell us)
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 33% [ 6 ]
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Kagura Tokiski

Kagura Tokiski

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PostSubject: Kagura Tokiski (wip)   Kagura Tokiski (wip) EmptyWed Jul 30, 2014 8:03 pm

Name: Kagura Tokiski
Gender: can switch between but was originally female
Sexuality: pansexual
Alignment: pirate
Role Onboard: shichibukai

Kagura is a rather short woman for her age, being smaller than almost everyone else her own age, and usually people even younger than she is. She can get somewhat sensitive about the subject of her height, and it tends to make people underestimate her. Her body type is rather slender, making it even more shocking to her opponents when she shows her monstrous physical strength. She has an naturally tan skin tone, making it so she never really has to worry about getting sun burnt, though that is her natural skin tone thanks to her devil fruit she could change it to be bright pale if she wished, or even black. Kagura was also born was some naturally distinct features, one being her strange purple hair color.  Her purple hair is naturally quite long and she usually keeps it up in a high pony tail, though thanks to her fruit she has the ability to change her hair color and length at will this is how it naturally is. Kagura's other distinct feature is her yellow cat like eyes that she inherited from her family and tribe on a now destroyed island. She is very proud of her eyes and doesn't like to change how they look with her fruit powers, though she will if the situation demands it. Kagura has but one blimpish on her body, an ugly scar that runs all the way down her back in three jagged lines down her body, almost as if a large cat clawed her.

Kagura is usually seen wearing a black, backless, sleeveless undershirt, with an orange over-shirt  like jacket with two white straps on each shoulder. She also has large beige sash tied around her waist, and black stretch pants with a pair of lightweight brown shoes, along with a beige neck scare like neck warmer around her neck. She also usually wears beige arm warmers that are decorated with light blue lines like showed in the picture above. Kagura enjoys being comfortable and ready for battle at any time which is why she enjoys wearing her standard cloths, though that isn't say that she also doesn't enjoy dressing up from time to time and has a collection of dresses, exotic sarongs, high heels, and decorative boots that she enjoys wearing from time to time, they are usually things she kept from her home land and are usually yellow, beige, black, or purple in color.

Kagura's male form is in complete contrast to her female form being 6'5 in height. She chose this height because she wanted the ability to appear and feel tall for once, being short all her life previous to consuming her devil fruit. She has a habit of hitting her head on things in this form as she is not yet accustomed to being so tall, and sometimes still feels she could enter smaller areas even though it would be impossible for her male body to do so. She is also quite muscular in this form, and is actually fitting with her immense physical strength. She still shares very similarities with her original form have a very tan skin tone, and yellow cat like eyes. Her hair is also still purple, though it becomes much shorter to give off a more masculine vibe. The large scare that ran down her back in her original form still remains as well. 

Kagura dresses similar in her male form as she did in her female, wearing a sleeveless black loss shirt, lose black pants tied at the waste with a white sash, and a pair of lightweight brown shoes. She no longer wears a jacket or any neck or arm warmers. Again she prefers these cloths for combat purposes and to always be ready for battle, but also because she doesn't want to wear to revealing of cloths in this form as both forms share the same under wear, and a male being seen in a women's panties or thong usually brings unwanted attentions and questions. When Kagura switches between her male and female form her clothing also changed to her basic clothing, for convenience sake.
Age: 26
Height: can vary but her usual male form is 6'2 while her usual female form is 5'1
Weight: 95 for female, and 180 for make form-this can vary based on form taken
Hair Color: purple but can be changed
Eye Color: yellow but can be changed

Personality: Kagura is usually calm, taciturn, level-headed, and analytical, preferring to not engage in combat: she is content with silently observing both parties until the fighting reaches its conclusion. She is incredibly witty and wise holding an intimate knowledge of the pirate seas and its workings. She has a strong grasp over her emotions, so much so that no one can ever tell how she is actually feeling or thinking, or pretending to portray a certain emotion to throw others off her real emotions. She is highly perceptive however, able to see through a person's demeanor to determine what they are thinking about.

She is known for her incredible blunt and sarcastic attitude. She tells any enemy she faces her name, and that she is going to kill them when facing them. Lies are something that she feels are not needed in the world and she tries to practice telling the truth to anyone and everyone she meets, unless she is trying to mess with them, though she hates being lied to Kagura had no problem lying to others, this confuses her and causes conflict in her till this day. Her bluntness and dry sarcasm comes from the fact that she does not really care how people react to what she says or what they think about her, as she hates almost everyone and does not trust anyone nearly instinctively. She sometimes suffers from extreme cases of paranoia, which can lead to her thinking everyone around her is planning on attacking her, or has done something to her that requires justice. In these cases she can fly into extreme rages, attempting to maim, kill, or avenge others, believing them to be causes of some kind of pain to her, or to be sinners in need reckoning for something that they may not have even done, or something completely out of their control.  

Kagura typically projects a tough demeanor, even when facing great personal difficulty and is by no means a girly girl. She likes doing her hair, cloths, and make up just as much as the next girl, but she is not afraid to get down and dirty. She rarely criticizes others for their faults, seeing as they are hardly any of her business, and are probably no worse than her own. It is hard to anger her since she is so laid back, but she has a very bad temper, so when she gets angry things usually end up smashed. Along with her temper is a huge streak of stubbornness, never going back on what she says, or admitting ever being wrong. She tends to either ignore, or yell at those who disagree with her, believing her way is the best.

She enjoys playing with people. She loves to get a reaction out of people, and is not afraid to freak others our make them unconformable. She is also very manipulative, frequently toying with people, and using her body to get what she wants. thanks to her time as a sex slave she is numb to the judgement of others to the point that if needed, she could walk around naked if just to throw others off. She is very understanding of others, even if they are deemed insane she can usually understand the motive for why people do things, though it is hard others to understand her. She has learned to act out and portray emotions to further her playing, she can cry on command one second, and then become happy the next. She will do what it takes to get what she wants no matter the cost whether it be through torture, seduction, aggression, or any other means.    

Kagura, though appearing clam is actually quite sadistic, and masochistic, growing more and more excited as she fights. She will kill without remorse, and killing with no sympathy. She loves to the feel of others blood on her, it gives her a rush, and she takes pleasure in torture, and pain not only by dealing it to others, but by also receiving it. Her brain is racked with sadistic impulses forcing her mind to grown accustomed to the grotesque and strange so much so that nothing ever really phases her. She is known to play with her opponents relishing in the battle and pain that she dishes out and receives, sometimes allowing her opponents to strike her just to continue the battle and feel the sweet sting of pain. She is known to leave her opponents alive, sometimes she will even beg or coach others into attacking her, or pummel them to the brink of death in order for them to feel her torture, and continue to play with them for as long as possible before showering in their blood to achieve a true ecstasy.



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