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Which life is best?
The Life of a Pirate
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The Life of a Marine
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The Life of a Bounty Hunter
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The Life of a Revolutionary
 17% [ 3 ]
Other (Tell us)
 33% [ 6 ]
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 Kage Kage Techniques

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PostSubject: Kage Kage Techniques   Fri Aug 01, 2014 9:35 pm

Name:Shadow weapon

Description:Zento will bring his shadow into his hand to form any weapon he can think of at the time. The size of the weapons can reach out if needed to at a max of 30 feet

Abilities:Makes weapons out of shadow


Name:Shadow spike

Description:Using his shadows, Zento will make basic spikes. He has them form on the ground, his hands for fist fighting, or around his weapons for sneak attacks to his opponents

Abilities:Creates spikes from his shadows

Usage:Offense, counter

Name:Shadow Box

Description:Moving his shadow off of himself, Zento will have it lay flat and move around the ground to go under his opponent. The shadow will then wrap around his victims feet to restrain them and then move up and around the opponent. Forming a box around them. Once the box is made, Zento will start to shrink the box around to crush his opponent to death

Abilities:Zento uses his shadow to make a box around his opponent and shrink the box to crush them

Usage:Stunning and offense.


Description:The name of the dark silhouette-like figure Moriah made using his own shadow. He does this by using his Devil Fruit powers on his own shadow, causing it to rise from whatever surface it is being cast upon by his body and into a three-dimensinal mobile state. With this "shadow clone", Moriah can use it to fight in his stead. Being immortal and able to regenerate, the Doppleman is the ultimate shield against most attacks and will block almost any incoming attack, but Luffy finds out that it may be tricked by sneak attacks and so cannot defend against everything. This was first seen being used against Luffy. He can also switch places with it at will. The name comes from doppelganger, a tangible double of a living person that typically represents evil.

Abilities:Allows Zento to make a clone of himself from his shadow and change places with it at will

Usage:offense, defense 

Name:Kage Kakumei

Description: Zento implants his shadow into a victim. With it inside, he is able to manipulate the shape of the victim's shadow. When the shadow's shape is changed, the victim's body will be changed too. This is first seen being used on Oars. Zento is able to do this because of the general rule about shadows. It is common knowledge that a shadow will always comply with the body casting it. Because of that, the shadow and the body are always the same shape. By changing the shape of the body's shadow with Zento's powers, the body is forced to match the shape of the shadow. In effect, it's the reverse of a shadow changing shape to match with the body casting it because it is the body that is now transforming to match the shape of the shadow it is casting. It's basically the reverse of shadow puppetry.

Abilities:Combines the users shadow with another and force them to do as the users shadown does

Usage:Support offense


Description:a technique in which Zento can swap places with Doppelman at any time, allowing Zento to practice a form of teleportation of sorts, making it very hard to hit him

Abilities:Allows Zento to trade places with his shadow


Name:Brick Bat

Description:Zento transforms his "shadow clone", Doppelman, into a myriad of balls. These balls then turn into a swarm of bats that can attack an opponent. After being used, the bats can merge back together to reform Doppelman.

Abilities:Forms balls from his shadow that turn into bats to fight his opponent


Name: Kage Akuma

Description:With his shadow out as his copy, He will change the shape of his shadow itno a demon like state. Making wings on its back with sharp claws and horns on its head. The shadow will then move his shadow around to grab his opponents shadow and cut it off. He will then fuse his shadow with the victims to impower the demon and later feed the shadow to Zento

Abilities:Changes the shape of his shadow to form a demon and then give it a more offensive power and absorb shadows which can be given to Zento to devour.


Name:Shadow Sutures 

Description:Zento will move his shadow around to look like strings along the floor. They will attach themselves to an opponent and wrap around their body to pin them against a wall and render the victim immobilized. He can also have it go around his own body for him to make it easier to stun his opponent While wrapping around the opponent to immobilize, he cannot use them until his victim is released or broke free from the binding

Abilities:Makes threads from his shadow to immobilize his victims.

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PostSubject: Re: Kage Kage Techniques   Sat Aug 02, 2014 3:32 pm

Id like you to add ranges, cooldowns, and durations for all of these. A general speed for your shadow's movements would help as well, other than that, it seems good.
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Kage Kage Techniques
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