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 Kilo-Kilo fruit techniques

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PostSubject: Kilo-Kilo fruit techniques   Sat Aug 02, 2014 9:27 pm

Note: any mention of "air resistance" means the user's drag on air, NOT a resistance to air based attacks.

Name: Weight Change (or affectionately referred to as the "e-z diet")
Description: using the abilities of the "kilo-kilo" devil fruit, the user can change his/her weight up to 9,999 pounds, in the span of one post. After getting heavier or lighter, the user can choose to use the remaining weight to change in the opposite direction. The minimum weight is 1 lb. The maximum weight is 10,000 pounds.

Abilities: This is the basic ability of the kilo-kilo fruit. using this, many other feats become possible, to be listed below. This allows usage of multiple abilities in one post, so long as restrictions on said
abilities do not conflict in any way, and the user has enough weight left to change.

If the user is more than 1.5 their normal weight, the user is slowed to 80%. If the user weighs more than 2.5x their normal weight, their speed is 60%. If the user weighs more than 4x their normal weight, they are at 40% speed. If the user is at more than 6x their normal speed, 20%. Beyond 8x their normal weight, the user cannot move if they stop.

If the user changes weight while moving, the user still moves at the same speed as before, but after the user loses their momentum, the user will be reduced to the appropriate speed modifier.

Usage: no cooldown, the weight change inside one post.

Name: Flying Squirrel

Description: Requires something suitable to increase the user's air resistance. an umbrella, or a parachute, or a pair of membranes that can function as wings, would all work for this purpose.
Abilities: Using something to increase the user's air resistance and decreasing the user's weight to 1 pound, the user can glide through the air indefinitely. If the user does not have anything to increase the user's air resistance, the glide lasts 1 second before the user falls as normal. This can be combined with other techniques where applicable.

Usage: no cooldown. duration (if no relevant item) - 1 post. Items used to increase the user's air resistance should be registered.

Name: Speed boost
Description: The user lightens themselves, and pushes almost horizontally against the ground with their legs, simultaneously lightening themselves to 1 pound, so as to not fall over. This allows for extremely fast changes in direction, or increases in speed. The user cannot use this indefinitely though, due to the strain on the user's body.
Abilities: Allows either a virtually instantaneous change in direction, or speeds up the user to twice the speed, for 1 post.

Usage: Lasts for 1 post at a time. Every 4 uses, there is a 1 post cool-down. The 4 uses do not have to be concurrent.

Name: Infinite sprint!

Description: not really an infinitely long sprint but it sounds cool soo... anyways. The user leans almost horizontally, while making themselves weigh as little as possible (1 lb), and runs at full speed, pushing almost horizontally against the ground. This looks almost like the user is doing the mountain climber exercise.

Abilities: The user's speed is increased to 2x the normal amount, however, the user cannot attack while this is being used (the ability can be interrupted though). The "speed boost" ability can be used at the same time as this ability within its 2 turn duration, it should be noted that the speed boost from "speed boost" will not stack. The user can choose to attack, cutting "Infinite Sprint" short, but they will still have the 8 post cooldown.

Usage: 2 post duration, 8 post cooldown.

Name: Sky jump
Description: the user jumps high into the air/water/whatever
Abilities: the user lightens themselves to 1 pound, and jumps. this moves the user a maximum of 1.25 feet/strength in any direction upwards. This can be cut short by the "Flying Squirrel" or "Ground Bounce" abilities.

Usage: 1 post cooldown (and obviously cannot ever be used if the user is not on the ground), 1 post duration (if not cut short)

Name: Ground Bounce
Description: The user becomes their maximum weight (10,000 pounds, in weight, not money) and slams straight onto whatever is right below them. This is very easy to see coming though.
Abilities: The user drops extremely fast, at 2x the user's normal speed, and when landing, has a strength of 2x the normal amount. While using this ability, the user cannot change their direction.

Usage: Lasts for 1 post, 1 post cooldown (and obviously cannot be used if you are not in the air).

Name: Heavy Slam
Description: the user suddenly increases their weight to 10,000 pounds just before landing a blow, keeping the user's momentum, but temporarily being unable to change direction.
Abilities: The user's attack strength is changed to 2x while this is active.

Usage: 1 post duration, can do up to 3 times before a 1 post cooldown. Cannot be used in conjunction with the "ground Bounce" ability.

Name: e-z pirouette
Description: The user lightens/weighs themselves to between 1 and 10 pounds, to speed up their movements.
Abilities: The user's movements speed up to 150% of the normal amount. If the user changes weight the speed stays the same.
Usage: 1 post duration, can be used up to 3 times before a cooldown of 1 post.

Name: Float Walk
Description: The user changes their weight to/stays at a weight of 1 pound, and due to the proportionally higher air resistance, is able to jump around in the sky/water like the "Moon Walk" users.
Abilities: The user can freely move around in the sky at the user's normal speed.
Usage: Can be used up to 5 times before a 1 post cooldown.

Name: "the gentle wisps of wind make way for the giant rock that is falling down and attempting to crush the gentle wisps of wind" (try saying that in a fight lol)
Description: lightening the body to the utmost possible, the user lets the air pressure from a physical attack help push them out of the way (a similar thing happens if you try to swat a bug), making their speed when dodging much faster.
Abilities: The user speeds up to either 1.5 or 2x the normal amount while dodging. If there is no blast effect, the user speeds up to 1.5x the normal speed. If there is a blast effect, such as from fishman karate, or the Tremor fruit, or from a bomb going off, the user's speed instead becomes 2x the normal amount. The user cannot attack during this time without losing the speed boost.

Usage: No cooldown, no set duration.
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Kilo-Kilo fruit techniques
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