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 Gomu-gomu no mi techniques

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PostSubject: Gomu-gomu no mi techniques   Sun Aug 03, 2014 9:34 pm

I know, I do have a lot of different stat changes here, but I have tried to balance this out a bit. If this is too strong pls let me know. Also, sometimes there is only an increase in stats, these are typically balanced by reduced stats later, or a charge time.

If needed, I will attempt to keep track of the stat changes so that others don't have to.

Gum gum abilities


Name: Generic ability

Abilities: The user can stretch parts of their body up to 200 feet, even being able to perform feats such as forming a sail, or stretching parts of their body to avoid attacks. Attacks, such as punches and kicks, can stretch up to this amount, and the user can hit many opponents at once as a result. Body parts must be retracted before being used for a second attack. The user can *twist, bend, or *rotate any part of their body nearly indefinitely. For instance, the user could bend their elbow backwards as much as they like, without breaking anything. The user is immune to physical blows excepting Fishman Karate and those involving Haki or the Dark-Dark fruit. Any actions taken will be at the normal strength of the user, regardless of angle, etc. unless it falls under a different technique listed below.

*techniques involving these require separate registration


Usage/cooldown: no cooldown. The user can stretch/retract each part of his body once per post.



General abilities:


Name: Suction cup

Description: the user stretches out his hand(s), forms a suction cup, and contracts, he can hold on to relatively smooth surfaces

Abilities: The user can hold on to smooth surfaces with a strength of ½ the normal amount if 1 hand (the suction cups are easy to break) or normal strength if both hands. The user can break the suction cup at any time. This is unaffected by any stat changes to the user, since this relies on the elasticity of the body.

Usage: n/a


Name: Gear 2

Description: The user pumps the blood vessels to stimulate the body, using up the bodies nutrients in a short period of time. If used too long it has nasty side effects.

Abilities: The user’s base speed and strength are both multiplied by 1.5 while this technique is active, for up to 8 posts total. After that, the user’s endurance, speed, and strength all decrease by each successive post, stopping at 10% of the base value (if the user's stats would drop below 10% they don't and the technique ends).

Usage: This technique can be activated 1 time per topic for as long as wanted (or until the technique automatically ends)


Name: Gear 3

Description: The user bites his thumb, inflating it. The user can move the air around to hit harder with bodyparts which contain air. This technique may be improved through training….

Abilities: The user's attacks are much, much larger, any limb may be up to the size of a giant's.
Minimum duration: 1 post.


Name: Gum-gum me’brane!

Description: the user stretches their body to form a large surface area.

Abilities: The user can stop their momentum in a given direction with this, by expanding to a 20 foot diameter circle. By spreading out the limbs and stretching the skin between them to form wings of sorts, the user can glide for up to 5 posts before dropping.

Usage: duration 1 post minimum


Name: Rubber-ize

Abilities: The user stretches their rubbery eyes out to cover their whole head, allowing them to see all around them. This only allows the user to react faster, due to a lack of practice with this mode. The user has to put the eyes back to normal before attacking anything detected since they will be easily disoriented otherwise.

Usage: minimum duration 1 post (this cannot be done and undone in the same post)


Name: orejas de elefante

Description: The user stretches out their ears, allowing them to hear stuff farther or quieter than before.

Abilities: The ears expand to 2 feet in diameter, allowing the user to hear clearly up to twice as far or as half the decibel level of normal. Movements normally considered silent can be heard using this technique, and their direction pinpointed accurate to +/-10 degrees.

Usage: minimum duration 1 post (this cannot be done and undone in the same post)



Attack centered abilities:


Name: x-tra stretch

Abilities: The user can stretch body parts in the opposite direction of his attack during a post. Any attack used from this technique will have its speed and strength both boosted by 50% of the user's base value (as opposed to a multiplier of 1.5). Only the attack will be faster and stronger. The user cannot attack the when the body part is stretched behind, during the first post.

Usage: 1 post charge.


Name: Gamu no gamu ta tsuisutā

Description: the user can twist their limbs either to spin weapons, or to strengthen their melee attacks. This relies on the user's natural elasticity as opposed to directly enhancing their stats.

Abilities: The user can twist their limbs, unwinding them for greater damage. If the user uses the twisted limb for a direct attack, the relevant attack has a boost of +50% of the user's base strength. If used to spin a weapon, the weapon will spin at 150% speed, for up to 3 posts, forming a shield capable of deflecting projectiles with less than the user's base strength, and dealing normal damage to anything hit by it.

Usage: 1 post charge (during which the user cannot use the limb being twisted) for either usage. If spinning a weapon the duration is up to 3 posts.



Movement centered abilities:


Name: human cannonball

Abilities: the user stretches out to grab something, they can pull themselves towards it. If the object grabbed is less than 100 feet away they move in a straight line at 1.25 of their normal speed. If the distance is more than 100 feet the user moves at 1.5x their normal speed. If the latter, the user will continue to move in the same direction when the object has been passed, up to another 40 feet, unless the user stops themselves or they hit something, which will be at normal strength. This ability is unaffected by either gear.

Usage: n/a


Name: Bling Blimp

Description/abilities: The user inflates themselves, and stretches, to a 50 foot diameter, to be able to float in the air indefinitely. By using the arms or legs, the user is able to move at 1/4 of the base speed. This can transition right into Gear 3.

Usage: n/a


Name: Rocket!

Description: The user deflates self by exhaling, moving the user fast in one direction (the direction they exhale in)

Abilities: The user moves in a straight line at 200% speed, travelling up to 150 feet.

Usage: must have Gear 3 or Bling Blimp activated, using this deactivates any of the two abilities that are active. Duration of 1 post. The user cannot use other abilities during usage of this, except the generic ability. Boosts from Gear 2 or Speed mode" are ignored as well.


Name: gum-gum… Segaway!!!

Description: The user stretches his/her lower legs to form wheels, the upper legs twisting to provide momentum.

Abilities: The user takes 1 post to form his/her legs into wheels, twisting the upper legs to function as a windup, and cannot otherwise move the legs during this process (movement with the arms is ok). The user gains 25% of the base speed, or if Gear 3 is active, 50% of the base speed.

Usage: 1 post charge, up to 2 posts of increased speed. 1 post cooldown


Name: Speed mode

Description: The user stretches his body so as to be thinner from the front, resulting in less air resistance. The user ends up looking extremely skinny.

Abilities: The user’s movements gain 10% speed of the base value. However, the user’s movements when dodging are at 90% due to an increased air resistance , and the user’s attacks do not change in speed.

Usage: minimum duration 1 post (this cannot be done and undone in the same post)
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Posts : 18
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PostSubject: Re: Gomu-gomu no mi techniques   Fri Aug 22, 2014 9:44 am

is the above stuff ok?
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Gomu-gomu no mi techniques
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