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Which life is best?
The Life of a Pirate
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The Life of a Marine
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The Life of a Bounty Hunter
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The Life of a Revolutionary
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Other (Tell us)
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PostSubject: Bob Jones   Bob Jones EmptyWed Aug 06, 2014 5:35 pm

Name: Bob Jones

Gender: A sexual (actually it is male)
Sexuality: -
Alignment: Bounty Hunter
Role Onboard:

Bob is a big boned man. He has light brown skin, he has a slight paunch and a large mustache that goes all around the mouth. His hair color is red though. This is a close picture of what Bob would look like except with the added modifications.
 Bob Jones AR-130709406
Bob often wears khaki shorts, sandles, and a red T-shirt.
Age: 32
Height: 5 feet 4 inches
Weight: 170 kilograms
Hair Color: red hair
Eye Color: Blue eyes


Bob Jones is considered by many as a quiet man who studied very hard at school and would be disappointed if he did not make all A grades in all his courses. The was perceived as many people saw his mother and how she took school extremely seriously and thought it was necessary to have all A's as it would mean that Bob would have worked hard during school and it would be easier to get a job. It was true that Bob was very diligent during school and was extremely analytical. Bob is great at analyzing. In many areas from fighting to even eating, he would try to figure out why anything is the way it is. He was often top of the class simply as he worked harder than anybody else in class. He did not hate school nor like school but he realized that he needed to get school done as fast and well as possible so life would be easier.

Bob has been able to keep this personality even though he has moved away from his home island in the North Blue. Bob left the island as he was disappointed that the economy essentially collapsed and the village fell into chaos. Bob was fortunate that he found an island that had no people in sight but he did see a weird looking fruit. He ate the fruit as quickly as possible. He did not mind the bad taste and thought the fact that the best medicine is bitter. Bob regretted eating the fruit because his stomach would not let him eat anything in 4 days in case he puked. He often will eat a few pounds a day as he is often very hungry and works very hard. He likes to act like everything is a competition and sometimes competes on things that most people would not. One of the many examples is the amount of play money he has ever bet in a fun poker game.

Bob is also a person who is great at lying. He was able to convince a pirate that he was going to join his crew. Bob thought that he would turn the pirate in and be able to get a huge pile of money doing this. This is how Bob decided to be a bounty hunter. Bob was so good at lying that he was able join pirate crews and kill the crews and cash in for millions of berries.


Bob was a person who fled home and never looked back. He decided that he would become a doctor at the marines. He took the training for a doctor. He always used his amazing study skills and was easily able to get the best grades in class. He worked hard to get a job as a doctor because it paid well and he liked helping people. He then was forced to quit when the teacher saw the palms of Bob's hand. Many of the marines have heard of a legendary pirate who had the same unique hand palms. The fact that they saw the palms and the same symbol of the bear paw was on the exact place the pirate had it on his hands caused a major uproar in the marines.

Bob was moved to the infantry training section of the marines. They were very keen to have him as a marine as the fruit would make Bob a very good vice admiral. Bob was put through rigorous training to make sure he would be tough enough to fight well in battle. Bob was put into his first mission. He was sent off to capture a pirate who had a fifty million berry bounty. Bob captured the pirate with ease and collected his pay. Bob went on working for the marines doing various missions. Bob eventually got tired of serving what he realized to be the most corrupt organization to exist.

Bob served in a buster call on an island that had a huge drug trafficking gang. The island was the main base of the gang and the whole gang was there. Bob and a the other 5 vice admirals were destroying stuff on the island like everybody was. Bob saw some hostages and he asked if he could take them back. The other vice admiral that Bob made friends with told him to keep destroying the island leaving nothing not even ashes. Bob continued to destroy because of his orders but at the end of the bust call, his anger seethed and he almost exploded in rage and might have attacked the buster call. When Bob returned, he asked the supreme military commander why the world government is so destructive and indiscriminant about killing. The military commander said that the reason is so that no pirate can get away.

Bob was horrified at what he heard. He was furious about how heartless and cold blooded the world government was about killing. Bob tried to get the military commander to understand why what the world government thinks is wrong and how immoral their paradigm was but the military commander said that the government does not care.

Bob decided to quit the navy. He told the supreme military commander that he was quitting as the world government is not doing justice and is being an oppressive regime. The military commander told Bob to leave. Bob left the military and could barely do anything because of his rage. Bob had a week long period in his life when he thought about what he would do.

Bob decided to borrow some money out of the world government's bank. Bob borrowed 200 million to buy a navy ship.

Bob decided that the only thing that he thought was morally correct that could use his devil fruit power was to become a bounty hunter. Bob decided to go after a pirate. He sailed and sailed and tracked a pirate back to his home. The pirate had millions of looted berries and had a bounty of 78 million. Bob took his rage out on the pirate. Bob broke into the pirate's ship. The pirate was a very good martial artist but Bob used his power to throw the pirate into a wall breaking it. The pirate got up looking hurt. Bob then repelled a knife that he found in a barrel while the pirate was flying out onto the deck. The pirate got stabbed in the heart and died instantly. Bob felt good for once about his achievement and brought the corpse to the local navy office and collected his money.

Bob thought that maybe it would be a good idea to try hunting a more powerful pirate. Bob went after a pirate who had a bounty of 250 million. Bob thought that he would win and that he could be so rich that he would never need to work. Bob pursued the pirate. The first thing he saw was a huge number of ships. Bob then proceeded to repel air at high speed wrecking the ships. Bob thought that was easy but realized that the captain was not there. Bob then dropped a rope down from his boat to rescue a pirate crew member who was on one of the ships that sunk. Bob asked him where his captain was. The crew member was too scared to talk. Bob kept the crew member on the ship. Bob saw that it was night and decided that he and the pirate should sleep.

Bob and the pirate woke up when they saw sunrise. Bob thought asked the pirate if he had calmed down. The pirate said that his captain was very powerful and that Bob might not want to pursue him. Bob responded by saying that he does not care he wants to know where the captain is. The pirate crew member said that his captain was at Banero Island. Bob threw let the crew member take a life boat. Bob continued sailing.

Bob arrived at Banero Island. He looked around and in a large building in the village he heard a lot of noise. Bob looked and saw the pirate captain killing the villagers who got chased into a large building. Bob then felt a gun pressed against his head. Bob quickly repelled the guy who had the gun pointed at him and kicked the gun out of his hand. Bob then proceeded to shoot the guy with the gun until he stopped screaming. Bob then saw more of the dead man's comrades come along. Bob then proceeded to shoot the other comrades with the gun. As the seemingly endless amount of men came, Bob decided to shoot huge numbers of compressed air bullets to mow down the pirate crew. Bob then stopped fighting when he saw that there were no more men to fight. Bob then confronted the pirate captain.

The pirate captain was very angry that Bob killed his crew. The pirate captain then pulled a sword out an started swinging it. Bob was barely dodging the sword blows and one of them cut his hair. Bob then tried to repel a puff of air but the captain then attacked and Bob had to cancel the attack to dodge the sword swing. Bob then was running from the enraged pirate captain. The pirate captain then got distracted by a villager who was insulting him.

Bob took this chance to charge up and Ursus Shock and as the pirate captain turned around to attack Bob shot the Ursus Shock. The pirate captain then was almost knocked out. He then proceeded to attack even more fiercely as he was even more angry. Bob ran for his life but then as the pirate captain caught up. Bob then got hit by the captains sword. Bob was in so much pain that he collapsed. The pirate captain then was about to do the killing blow when Bob repelled a rock into the pirate captains face. Bob then used another Ursus Shock to kill the pirate captain.

Bob had a sigh of relief and then fainted. A local villager saw that Bob was badly injured and took him into his home. Bob woke up on the bed and was covered in bandages. Bob thought that he should spend a few days at this nice villager's home and rest. Bob then decided that being a bounty hunter was his calling in life.

Bob went back to the World Government Bank and paid off his loan. He then set sail.

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