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Which life is best?
The Life of a Pirate
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The Life of a Marine
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The Life of a Bounty Hunter
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The Life of a Revolutionary
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Other (Tell us)
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PostSubject: Synopsis   Synopsis EmptySat Jul 19, 2014 5:36 pm

The story of Gol D. Roger is one many know, and associate with Satan. In reality, his death was the spark that lit the fuel to form an entire era of pirates, overflowing the World Government. In response, the government approved of the Shichibukai and Yonko ideas, allowing certain pirates to be controlled. Of course, this was the original idea, but it has changed over the years. Twenty years after Roger died, the world is in chaos with the constant flow of Pirates, not to mention the corrupt Marines, and the Revolutionaries.

Shichibukai are known by all as the pirates who sold themselves out. The entire world knows that Shichibukai are powerful pirates who follow the government's orders. Even further, they are allowed to keep most of the treasure they plunder, so long as they donate a portion to the world government. At first, Shichibukai were controlled easily, but ever since, some Shichibukai come along and essentially ignore the World government's orders. These specific people are known to be too powerful for the World Government to attack directly, meaning that they simply do not want them as enemies.

Yonko are powerful pirate captains who are so powerful the Government mostly leaves them alone, so long as they do not leave the New World. Even then, the most the Marines will usually do is send a warning to return or face the consequences. In truth, very few Yonko are ever attacked, regardless of their location, while the Marines use propaganda to make it seem as though the Marines have them trapped in the New World, under their control. Yonko are determined by the World Government, but can be killed and replaced like any other position.

The current world is changing, and everyone is trying to take what they want from it. With near infinite resources and control over most of the planet, the Marines have taken the lead in this race for power. The Pirates are not far behind, though few are strong enough to actively stand against the Marines. Finally, the Revolutionaries are taking a back seat for this quest for power. They are biding their time until the Marines slip up, then they will strike!

For the moment, the Marines have been inactive, they are planning something big to unveil to the world. Pirates are making much more noise than normal, with the constant rebellion in countries upon the grand line. Revolutionaries are infiltrating everything and everyone. A man claiming to be able to create devil fruit is wondering the globe, trying to make and give as many away as possible. What are his motives? Is his generosity aimed towards anyone in particular? Why does he travel, rather than sell his secrets? Whatever his reasons, many believe this man to be the center of the world at the moment. 

Choose your side, your crew, and your life. Live for wealth, justice, or freedom. This is your story now.
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