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Which life is best?
The Life of a Pirate
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The Life of a Bounty Hunter
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The Life of a Revolutionary
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 Ice Queen Techs (WIP)

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Hie Hie no Mi/Chilly Fruit Techniques

Name: Cryosphere
Description: Absolute control over both cold and ice. As per the Devil Fruit's power, the user has the ability to not only become a "Freezing Human" and make ice on demand, but also manipulate natural water by transforming it into ice either by contact or proximity, and utilizing it as projectiles, weaponry, defensive structures or even as an extension for this innate power.
Abilities: Grants creation of ice from self, if in an environment with limited water. Grants creation of ice from environment. Grants manipulation of ice (regardless of source). Grants restorative properties to all ice and frozen objects in direct contact with body.
Usage: Creation of ice from environment is nearly instantaneous, and can be done nearly indefinitely. However, most ice creation is uncontrolled and spreads naturally: Controlled creations must be executed via techniques, registered below. In the case that water is not readily available, user can spawn seemingly unlimited quantities of ice from within themselves without necessarily suffering dehydration (as per the norm for Logias), however doing so means all ice creation techniques gain a one round charge phase, and a one round cooldown phase. Manipulation of ice can be performed freely, and all ice objects that are not static (such as a structure, i.e. a wall) move at the user's speed. Unless stated otherwise, all ice has a durability property equal to half the user's strength.

So long as ice is in direct physical contact (or contact by extension) with the user, ice will continuously reform into its solid state unless exposed to a force (Strength) or heat that would break it down completely before it can be reformed to normal. As an example, if an opponent with a strength higher than the durability of the ice construct attacks, then they will be able to destroy the ice construct and keep it from reforming in the same attack. If they lack the sufficient strength or means of destroying (reduce durability to zero) the ice construct, then it will reform (durability restored to maximum).

Durability restoration rate is half per round.

  • Name: Ice Stream
    Description: While the fruit's power extend to cold temperatures well below that of water's freezing point, its primary and most readily available manifestation is the creation of ice. However, given that is is a solid, this means that all ice can be treated as an extension of the user (while assuming their elemental form) and be used to transfer the freezing effects of the Devil Fruits power along it, such as by by freezing a stream of water, and consequently freezing those or that which is in contact with that running fluid.
    Abilities: Allows extension of freezing powers along all ice in direct physical contact with user's body. If at any point, the connection is broken (such as the ice being shattered), then all separated portions simply behave as normal ice.
    Usage: Passive, Innate.

Name: Cold Dominion
Description: Despite the name, this is in reference to the user of the Devil Fruit and their elemental 'body.' It enables them to rapidly lower their core temperature to just barely subzero temperatures on a whim, which means they can assume an 'Ice Body' form on demand, as a reflex for attacks. Unlike most Logias, the Freezing Human cannot use their elemental body to evade attacks, however it can be used to nullify damage against non-Haki infused attacks as the user can then simply reform their body from the damage. Additionally, as a 'Freezing Human,' one can drop their core temperature far below normal, allowing them to freeze substances (primarily flesh) other than water.
Abilities: Allows assuming of Ice Body form. Non-Haki damage to the User is heavily reduced, and the user can reform from damage by such. Seastone negates this ability, and Haki can bypass it entirely. Core temperature can drop to zero degrees Celsius/two hundred seventy-three Kelvin on demand. Dropping lower takes time, but presently the user can cause frostbite through prolonged exposure to others.
Usage: Ice Body - Passive, Selective Control, Instantaneous. 'Freezing' - Activated, Delayed Effect. After two rounds, user is cold enough to freeze surrounding water simply by proximity (as opposed to contact), as well as cause severe frostbite either on contact or by prolonged exposure to user or ice being held/touched by user. After four rounds, freezing human is cold enough to entirely freeze a person on contact (however this requires full-body contact, and is not instantaneous).

If their ice body is destroyed, the coldness they possessed is reset back to initial core temperature (freezing point of water - zero degrees Celsius)

  • Name: Ice Flash (Ice Stream/Cold Dominion)
    Description: A method of rapid movement by the fruit's user, in which they assume their ice body form along a linear pathway. Ordinarily, ice creation is spontaneous and erratic, therefore this is a true technique and can only be exceuted in controlled, deliberate circumstances. The user first decides a straight pathway to initiate the rapid freezing of water vapor (or other water source if possible), and then travels alongside the ice formation in their elemental body form. The end result is a rapid movement from point to point, leaving a solid line of ice in the user's wake.
    Abilities: Grants movement at 1.5 times the user's speed, due to forced ice formation along an intended pathway. Has an obvious tell in that the user must first be facing the direction they intend to travel, and often extend a limb of an appendage from which to project the initial ice. This is often a finger, or maybe the palm of their hand. If there is a physical obstacle along the pathway, the user's body will be stopped at point of contact, with no physical damage done to opposing object. Depending on the nature of this object (whether or not it has an edge), the user may find their body split into two and must reform.
    Usage: Can be executed twice in rapid succession in one round, at one round cooldown. Can be executed once per round three times before requiring a one round cooldown (If executed twice on the third, cooldown is increased to two)

Name: Snap Freeze
Description: A sudden and controlled burst of ice for offensive purposes, it summons forth from either the user's body or from a fair quantity of water (at least a good-sized puddle is necessary, or even more) a rigid spike of ice, piercing forward with flesh-rending power. Snap freeze is named such due to it usually manifesting from the user after such a gesture, spawning out of their person, out of a body of water they are currently standing in or atop, or even out of already formed ice that they are in contact with. Each usage spawns a single spike, firing out slightly faster than the speed of bullets (>50).
Abilities: Sudden ice attack - Spiked construct.
Usage: Single-use technique, can be used indefinitely given there is a sufficient source of water (liquid or solid, but not gas) that the user can reach. If not, they can still execute it from their own form, but the restrictions from above apply.

  • Name: Snap Freeze - Graveyard Chill
    Description: A significantly larger scale version of the original Snap Freeze, which is focused on a simple, yet focused offensive ice creation method. Instead of one, imagine dozens. And now imagine them spreading all about her, rising up and about the source of water to puncture and rupture anything that isn't strong enough to withstand their impact.
    Abilities: Large area of effect offensive technique. Given she is the epicenter of this technique, that means she will be in contact with the ice, and thus be able to empower the technique as it forms and after it completes IF allowed to remain still. If forced to move, user is at risk of being skewered by their own technique.
    Usage: Requires a LARGE body of water, preferably the sea itself given the sheer volume of ice produced. There is a noticeable delay (one round) between the initiation of the technique (finger snapping) and the actual execution of the technique, and noticeable ice formation can be usually seen (small thin layers atop whatever body of water is being used/cracks forming along the ice formation being used). After usage, a four round cooldown is in effect.

  • Name: Snap Freeze Arsenal
    Description: Unlike the default Snap Freeze, which was a simplified yet controlled offensive technique, it's 'Arsenal' variant is a highly-fine tuned variant. The user makes shift from being a domineering force of nature to a honed artist, crafting from the element a fine tool with which to cut down their enemies. In most cases, forming weapons as opposed to just a large Ice Spike should expend more effort, however Mistral's expertise and preference of carrying no arms has led her to master the creation of ice weapons on demand, and improve the rate at which she creates them. Arsenal techniques that create a weapon do not have a charge period if she creates them from her body as opposed to surrounding water, this is also supplemented by the fact that, like Aokiji, if she is assuming her Ice Body form (Cold Dominion) she can condense surrounding water vapor to form these weapons as well.

    In short, the seemingly unarmed lady Bounty Hunter is anything, BUT.
    Abilities: Creation of an ice weapon (maximum of five in one usage). Ice weapons made from water vapor have decreased durability than is normal. Weapons can be moved about the user at half their speed, unlike normal constructs which move at normal speed.
    Usage: Can be used twice in succession in one round, can be used from round to round with no ill effect. Can be made from body without penalty. All ice weapons that do not maintain contact with her form will degrade and break apart by the next round after they were made, unlike other ice constructs which can persist. Ice Weapons are created in sets, meaning one can only make X [1 to 5] of a Sword, then X [1 to 5] of a Spear separately.

    1. Name: Snap Freeze Arsenal - Ice Sword
      Description: A simple, moderate sized straight blade, one-handed and double-edged. It's maximum length reaches up to about one meter (with the blade length being about seventy-five centimeters or three-fourths the total length). Great compacted ice for the hilt, particularly of a pommel, helps with balancing the blade's weight.
      Abilities: Durability of Ice Sword is 100. Being made of Water Vapor reduces this to 25. Ice Swords not held by the user will melt by the next round.
      Usage: Limitations for Ice Sword are set by Snap Freeze Arsenal.
    2. Name: Snap Freeze Arsenal - Ice Spear
      Description: This pole weapon is bit odd in that it can exhibit different weapon attachments at the end of the pole beyond sharp pointed head. However, in the case where the affixed portion assumes an irregular shape (such as an elongated blade, curved or straight such as a glaive or naginata, or being affixed with an ax head attachment such as halberd), only a single one of such a weapon may be formed. That said the shaft's length extends to roughly two meters in length, and this is constant in spite of any variations.
      Abilities: I heard you like polearms, so I made lots of them. From a versatile creation technique comes a slightly even more robust form, allowing the user to craft a polearm that can vary (a bit) in function. Polearm durability defaults at 50, specialized/altered polearms increased to 75. Regardless, if it is made of vapor, durability falls to 10.
      Usage: Stab, stab, stab.

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Ice Queen Techs (WIP)
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